Capabilities: Agile Transmission Development

Listing capabilities is one thing, being able to execute on them quickly with great results is another thing altogether.

Our specialist capabilities in high specification transmission design and manufacture positions Hewland in an ideal place to provide clients with cutting edge bespoke technological solutions both within motorsport and across a variety of other sectors. Our unique gear profile is one of the features that gives our transmissions the performance and longevity that our customers demand in high performance race conditions – and increasingly in performance road and electric vehicle applications.

We are a self-contained design, build, test and manufacture transmission company schooled in quick turn-around demanded by our motorsport heritage. With all the know-how and equipment under one roof, we can develop virtually any transmission quick and right the first time. Furthermore, with our own in-house volume and mass production options, we design all our products for manufacture meaning our customers don’t have a lengthy manufacturability step to go through.

60 years of designing transmissions for the top motorsport categories in the world makes us an obvious choice if you are looking for a race car transmission but it’s also a very good approach if you are designing a high-performance transmission for a road car or special project.

Case Study: Elemental RP1

The RP1 design team have over 120 man-years of experience designing high performance automobiles and racecars as well as advanced composites and aerodynamics. But when it came to selecting a race-inspired gearbox and differential, the team came to Hewland.

Gearbox Range
Hewland supplies a range of bespoke and standard transmission solutions across range of application areas for easy integration into competition and road-going vehicles.
Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
Race series organisers are turning to engineering companies like Hewland to provide control components to reduce costs, improve the closeness of racing and in many cases, improve safety; a winning partnership for the future of motorsport.
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FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
Hewland is the chosen transmission partner for the FIA F2 Championship
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Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
Building a road-legal track day sports car for the 21st century required a gearbox with a performance heritage.
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Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
You could be mistaken for thinking that the ‘E’ in Formula E stands for Evolution instead of Electric given the number of Formula E Transmission changes since the introduction of the series in 2014.
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  • Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
  • FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
  • Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
  • Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
About Hewland

Based in White Waltham, Berkshire, Hewland operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility handling all of its production, inspection, assembly, design and commercial operations.

At Hewland we believe that good customer service is every bit as important as a strong product. Our dedicated Advanced Engineering and Design Group is tasked with ensuring that all technical considerations are to the highest standard, and that our customers receive free, tailored advice whenever required.