Electric Vehicles

The market for electric vehicles is set to be one of the fastest growing in the world. With production becoming commercially viable, it is not surprising that many motorsport series are turning to part or full electric powertrain systems to provide a boost to performance whilst remaining environmentally sound.

Hewland has been at the fore-front of this wave of motorsport innovation since the beginning. Winning first time out in 2007, the Toyota Supra HV-R was the world’s first race winning hybrid endurance vehicle. Equipped with a Hewland transmission, it completed the event 19 laps ahead of its nearest competitor, over 3% of the full race distance!

More recently, the world’s first all-electric series, Formula E, adopted Hewland as its chosen transmission supplier. Utilising all of its experience to date with electric transmissions, Hewland developed a bespoke 5 speed sequential box designed specifically to meet the rigors and demands of such a series.

Another high-profile success story is that of the Venturi Buckeye Bullet project. Targeting the electric world land-speed record, they succeeded in 2010 with Buckeye Bullet 2.5, averaging just over 300 mph to snatch the world record. With on-going development on their latest vehicle, the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3, they plan to go even faster, with a target speed of 400 mph+! Hewland provided both the transmission for their world-record holding VBB 2.5 vehicle, and the transmission for their latest VBB 3 vehicle.

With completed projects as diverse as motorsport to tracked exploration vehicles, Hewland are confident of supplying an advanced bespoke solution to meet almost any requirement, no matter how challenging your project.

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