Hewland Introduces Latest Bevel Grinding Capacity


With efficiency increasingly key to automotive applications the world-over, Hewland Engineering is delighted to announce the installation of a state-of-the-art Klingelnberg Oerlikon G60 Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine. Utilising Klingelnberg’s advanced KIMOS closed loop manufacturing system, the G60 consistently produces efficient, durable gears through its highly accurate and repeatable manufacturing process.

Now completing its first components, the new machine will herald a new era of performance for Hewland clients, offering considerable improvements in efficiency, reduced gearbox temperatures and above all, substantially increased component life.

Key Capabilities:

• Grinding of forms up to 600mm in diameter
• Consistent grinding to DIN4 standard & above
• Grinding of Spiral, Hypoid and Zerol bevel forms
• Closed loop KIMOS system minimises manufacturing errors

Also expanding our gear inspection capabilities, an all-new Klingelnberg P65 Gear Measuring Centre will measure gear profiles up to 650mm in diameter, working in tandem with the G60 to offer vastly improved spiral bevel accuracy and consistency.

For bespoke and made-to-drawing applications, new software will reduce setup times, with on-machine dress-able grinding wheels negating the need for bespoke tooling. The resultant reduction in lead-times, combined with the improved performance from ground-finished parts, will be of substantial benefit to our clients, with the increased capacity brought about by this investment helping to serve the market demand for both precision-ground and conventionally cut, high-quality bevels.

William Hewland, company Chairman, believes this latest investment will serve to highlight Hewland’s expertise as a centre for precision manufacturing; “Driven by a desire for increasingly efficient and durable transmission solutions, this latest investment will deliver consistent and highly accurate bevel gears for Motorsport, Defence, Marine and Aerospace applications. Also boosting our manufacturing capabilities, the new precision grinding suite will ensure we continue to expand our offering of high-specification yet cost-sensitive make-to-print services.”

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