About William Hewland

“I joined Hewland Engineering, my father’s company as it was, as a trainee in the design office in 1982. From there I learned about our products and customers rapidly, as I designed components and handled most of our technical enquiries for many years.

Having done karting from the age of 10, I began car racing in 1990 and enjoyed a decade of F3, sportscar and GT racing. Between 1994 and 1999 I ran our own Hewland team based at the factory, winning two national championships with me driving. My knowledge of what Hewland clients need and feel is therefore first-hand, which has guided the direction  of the business since I took over in 1992.

I have seen several eras of the British motorsport industry, each different and new. Some things change completely while others evolve and it is important to understand this; presenting the correct modern service as each year passes.  One constant is that business continues to become more complex and technology more exacting, so I ensure that Hewland has the right staff and investment in machinery and resources to keep it functioning at today’s demanding levels.”

– William Hewland, Chairman