Engineering & Design Group

Hewlands Advanced Engineering and Design Group (AEDG) comprises some of the most accomplished design engineers and technicians in the motorsport industry. In recognition of the ever-increasing demand for bespoke design concepts requiring a wealth of engineering expertise, the AEDG has expanded considerably in recent years in order to accommodate the requirements of our customers.

AEDG includes permanent staff members specialising in:

  • Complete race car transmission design.
  • Parallel and crossed axis gear design.
  • Rolling element bearing design.
  • CAD drafting and modelling.
  • Finite element analysis.
  • Casting and casting pattern design.
  • Pneumatic systems and component design.
  • Dynamic analysis of powertrain systems and components.
  • Dynamic testing of transmission assemblies and components.
  • Semi-automatic gear shift systems.
  • Race car data analysis.

To complement our design tools, AEDG boasts software and proprietary calculation programs, to allow the design and analysis of:

  • Gear tooth macro and micro geometry.
  • Gear tooth load, stress, and reaction forces.
  • Component and housing load, stress, and deflection.
  • Bearing load, alignment, and life.
  • Effect of suspension, aerodynamic and crash load cases.
  • Torsional vibrations & critical speeds.
  • Gear shift system dynamics and performance.
  • Lubrication, oil scavenge, storage, cooling and distribution systems.

The primary function of AEDG is to exceed our customer’s expectations in gear design, function, durability, efficiency, quality and cost.  All the elements of gear design and manufacture are performed at Hewland, which we believe to be a major asset both to our business, and to our customers.

With in-house metallurgical and heat treatment expertise, as well as our own tooling and fixture designers, we can ensure that quality is of the highest standard.

Our design engineers and assembly technicians are available to support our products through initial test stages, race meetings and development tests.