Owing to the fine tolerances and demanding nature of motorsport, our transmission builds are handled at Hewland by a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians. In order to maintain the standards to which Hewland works, all stages are managed internally, from the checking and inspection of assembly components, the assembly process itself and the spin-testing and final inspections undertaken prior to despatch.

This ensures that all Hewland products meet the stringent checks and requirements of a high-end motorsport transmission, and most importantly that the clients expectations will be thoroughly met.

Customer rebuilds are treated in the same way; a returned unit is stripped, inspected and priced according to the work required. When agreed with the customer, the unit is re-assembled with new components, then inspected and tested on the Hewland spin-test rig prior to shipping.

With Hewland currently working towards ISO 9001 certification, regular reviews of processes and systems will ensure that any potential improvements are tested and implemented as soon as possible. This process is set to ensure that Hewlands renowned quality will continue to progress for years to come.