Forming an integral part of Hewlands production procedure, inspection forms the backbone of the companies Quality Assurance systems. Processed on both the shop floor and within a dedicated department, every component goes through inspection at each stage of production and post-production to ensure zero defects.

As Hewland continues to work towards ISO 9001 accreditation, the on-going implementation of a lean system is providing continuous improvement across the company. Focusing on quality checks and assurances during production, Hewland aims to produce components with zero wastage, thus achieving zero quality issues in customer end components.

To ensure quality is maintained to Hewlands consistently high standards, a team of highly skilled inspection operatives work a wide range of equipment to check all components post-production, providing quality assurance prior to stock receipt. This equipment is regularly calibrated by a UKAS accredited laboratory, ensuring all processes are both accurate and repeatable.

Offline programming for coordinate measurement machinery is allowing Hewland to increase inspection throughput, whilst the automation of this process ensures both speed of measurement and absolute repeatability.

Key machinery utilised by Hewland to maintain its Quality Assurance includes:

Klingelnberg P26 Gear Geometry machine

A dedicated gear geometry machine, at the heart of Hewlands operations. Capabilities to measure all common gear forms as well as spur, helical, spline, serrations and spiral bevel arrangements.

LH87 CNC Wenzel CMM Machine

Large capacity CMM machine used to ensure gearbox castings and larger components meet the required tolerances following manufacture. Integrated automation of measurement provides absolute repeatability as well as quick, efficient measurement capacity for complex components.

SMART CNC Wenzel CMM Machine

A user friendly, versatile and robust CMM machine. Designed for implementation with the shop floor, this is used to measure smaller components that are still required to meet stringent tolerances.

Mitutoyo surface finish and contour tracer

To ensure components meet detailed internal and external contour requirements, Hewland uses dedicated Mitotoyo equipment, which is also capable of providing assurances for an extensive range of surface finish parameters.