Gear Grinding

Hewland has been manufacturing market-leading gears since 1959. With regular investment in top of the range machinery and staff, Hewland is consistently able to produce gears of the highest quality, suitable for the most demanding of motorsport disciplines including Formula 1, Le Mans Prototypes and endurance racers.

Utilising the equipment currently installed at Hewland, we are able to grind a wide range of gear profiles, including internal and external spur and helical, in involute and non-involute forms. We can grind from solid (without the need for bespoke tooling) to produce rapid prototype or development gears.

With computer programmed gear grinding machinery, including a state-of-the-art KAPP VUS-55P gear grinding machine, Hewland is able to produce gears to incredible accuracy, meeting even the extreme tolerances required for Formula 1.

Hewland has a dedicated manufacture-to-drawing team, focused on producing customer specific items to individual drawing specifications, often to incredibly tight tolerances. With bespoke software and stress analysis available, we can offer everything a customer might require to ensure they get the best performance possible.

Most importantly, the computer controlled nature of our production techniques means we can accurately and predictably produce repeat batches of components to exceptional tolerances and almost any customer requirements.

Continued investment at Hewland will see the arrival of the companies first spiral bevel grinding machine in 2015, with operational capacity planned in Autumn. This new machine will expand our grinding capabilities to include spiral bevels, allowing incredibly tight tolerances to be met throughout most drivetrain systems, improving component lifing, efficiency and top speed.