Heat Treatment

To ensure the utmost quality, Hewland carries out most of its heat-treatment in a dedicated internal facility.

Using two Ibsen sealed quench furnaces, regularly calibrated to Aerospace standards, we are able to provide gas-carburising, normalising and through-hardening processes. When quenched, the improved hardness of the outer component surface ensures the performance of Hewland products continues to exceed our customers’ expectations. Tempering furnaces process components as required, providing tempering, stress relieving and annealing processes to remove stresses built up during manufacturing.

A computerised control system, fed by data from various sensors within the furnaces, ensures our machines are maintained at the optimum temperature and carbon content condition, whilst the data feed is available for real-time scrutiny by our laboratory to ensure there are no issues during production.

Utilising a range of automated and manual testers each batch is checked for hardness, whilst 2 micro-hardness testers are utilised for case depth verification. All testers are regularly calibrated and certified to ensure that all processes can be accurately monitored.

Every batch of heat treated components is identified and recorded on a centralised database, and together with the data recorded from the treatment process forms a detailed record available for review should an issue arise post production.

This traceability, and the automated systems employed, allow Hewland to repeatedly produce components of exceptional quality and reliability; perfect for motorsport.