Shot Peening

Motorsport demands components that offer maximum performance, as well as durability and reliability. This difficulty is why motorsport, like aerospace and defence, is one of the world’s foremost technological sectors.

To provide both the reliability and performance required, Hewland utilises an in-house Rosler shot peening machine. Fully automated, with a 4 nozzle arrangement and dual media types, our shot peening facilities provide a predictable, repeatable process to ensure that every component is finished to our (or our customers’) requirements. Utilising the industry standard Almen strip verification process allows a client to verify the intensity of the peening process to ensure it meets their strict needs.

Generally applied to top-end products such as those supplied to Formula 1, Le Mans prototypes and endurance racers, our computer controlled, repeatable process greatly reduces the chance of surface fatigue cracks forming, reducing pitting and significantly improving product lifing.