Formula One

Since the early 1960s, Hewland has enjoyed a very close relationship with Formula 1, unrivalled by almost any other component supplier. Hewland has supplied complete transmissions or internals as required by the teams; indeed the vast majority of the F1 field in the 60s, 70s and 80s were equipped with Hewland transmissions.

Moving through the 80’s, increasingly complex and sensitive design developments meant manufacturers were beginning to cast their own casings, but almost every team retained Hewland internals at their core.

In 1986, Hewland internals featured in every single F1 race win. Since its first involvement in F1, it is documented that Hewland components have featured in at least 200 race victories, although the actual figure is likely far higher.

The most prolific F1 grade gearboxes were the HD, DG and FG, which were used abundantly throughout the period, and still feature in many historic race series worldwide.

While the landscape of F1 changed in the 90’s, Hewland continued to supply components, to teams like Benetton, Jordan, Lotus, Jaguar, Ligier and Lola.

Today, the demands of Formula 1 component design are among the most stringent in the world. With tolerances of within four microns on most components, and lead-times consisting of a matter of weeks, very few companies possess the capability to supply manufactured components to the most elite level of racing. Hewland continues to be one such firm, providing manufacturing solutions across all mechanical areas of the vehicle to up to 70% of the grid at any given time.