Special Projects

Within the umbrella of Hewlands bespoke design and manufacture operations, we often receive requests for support of unique, one-off projects. With our fantastic breadth of knowledge, and experience of advanced, challenging motorsport applications, we are exceptionally well placed to find solutions to each individual client application.

With decades of experience in bespoke solutions, it’s not surprising that Hewland has transmissions on every continent. From world record holding electric land speed racers, to Antarctic exploration vehicles, Hewland has the tools and capabilities to meet the most demanding of customer requirements.

In seeking the ultimate in performance, several road legal OE vehicles have adopted the Hewland brand for either transmission components or complete gearboxes; testament to the quality and longevity of our products. Further, by applying our transmission expertise to other disciplines, we are able to offer improved performance, reliability or design for a wide range of precision manufacturing markets, including the Aerospace, Defence and Marine sectors.