Performance Car Transmissions

Innovation is rapidly changing how car designers are building performance vehicles. They imagine the performance they want – and then deliver it, through innovative use of technology and the right partnerships. Our knowledge of designing and building race-robust, light-weight race car gearboxes puts us in an ideal position to do the same for sports cars that are equally at home on the road or track. Our in-house volume manufacturing facility enables us to work with you from prototype to trials and on to volume production; further decreasing prototype development timescales and costs.

We elevate the ability to deliver performance of the highest standard by working with each customer to realise the dynamic driving experience they wish to deliver with their car.

Hewland has off-the-shelf products and gearbox designs that can be quickly adapted to any chassis architecture or engine type such as front, mid or rear driving two or four wheels. If a bespoke design is needed, our engineers can consult and then design a gearbox to meet any requirement.

We believe no one responds to the needs of the performance car designer like Hewland.

Case Study: Elemental RP1

The RP1 design team have over 120 man-years of experience designing high performance automobiles and racecars as well as advanced composites and aerodynamics. But when it came to selecting a race-inspired gearbox and differential, the team came to Hewland.

Shifting without compromise
Race-bred transmissions for cars that make few compromises on the road or track.
Case Study: Praga R1 for Road and Track
If you were to come across a Praga R1R at the race track, you wouldnt think it was out of place until you caught a glance at the road registration plates and turn indicators. Indeed, the team behind the Praga R1R set out to create not just one, but three very different cars with one common chassis.
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Case Study: Subaru BRZ GT Series Transmission
The new 2017 Subaru Tokyo R&D BRZ entry to the popular Super GT300 series is the ultimate show case of Subaru’s boxer engine technology combined with Hewland’s GT Racing competition transmission.
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Case Study: Venturi Land Speed Record
What drives the fastest, most powerful electric car on the planet?
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  • Case Study: Praga R1 for Road and Track
  • Case Study: Subaru BRZ GT Series Transmission
  • Case Study: Venturi Land Speed Record
About Hewland

Based in White Waltham, Berkshire, Hewland operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility handling all of its production, inspection, assembly, design and commercial operations.

At Hewland we believe that good customer service is every bit as important as a strong product. Our dedicated Advanced Engineering and Design Group is tasked with ensuring that all technical considerations are to the highest standard, and that our customers receive free, tailored advice whenever required.