The Company
Founded in 1957 by Mike Hewland, Hewland Engineering Ltd has changed a lot since it first opened its doors. The secret to our success lays in two key factors; a fundamentally exceptional product and the ability to continuously adapt to the market demands of the motorsport industry.
William Hewland
William Hewland
A design engineer in the 80’s before managing the modernisation of the company and its products thereafter. A successful ex-race driver who understands the customers needs.
Andy Morley
Andy Morley
General Manager
Stephen Deane
Stephen Deane
A Board Director who has been with Hewland since 2000. Now actively developing a global footprint with our new JV, Hero Hewland.
Jason Callow
Jason Callow
Finance and Commercial Director
Nick Phillips
Nick Phillips
Operations Director


Set in the picturesque village of White Waltham lies Hewland's purpose built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Incorporating everything required to manufacture world leading transmissions, Hewlands base of operations includes a huge shop floor area, dedicated inspection, heat treatment and after-treatment equipment. Together with a growing stores area, the facility also houses all office staff, including Design, Engineering and the firm’s Commercial team.


At Hewland we believe that good customer service is every bit as important as a strong product. Our dedicated Advanced Engineering and Design Group is tasked with ensuring that all technical considerations are to the highest standard, and that our customers receive free, tailored advice whenever required, while our experienced Project Managers and Commercial Team are there to support our clients in all non-technical matters.
  • Advanced Engineering & Design
    Housed in a dedicated office, the Design Team, together with our group of experienced Production Engineers, handles every aspect of product design from initial concept, through detailed development, and finally into manufacturing processes.
  • Commercial
    With a focus on customer satisfaction, the Commercial Team sit at the heart of the company, ensuring that our products and services meet and exceed customer expectations. All matters are dealt with as quickly as possible while an open, knowledgeable and friendly approach ensures that ideas and queries are always open for discussion.
  • Accounts
    Our dedicated Finance Team ensure the open, accurate and swift management of client accounts. The team are always on hand to answer any queries directly.
  • Production
    Forming the core of the company, our Production Department ensures manufacture of components to the highest quality, utilising the very latest in machining methods and equipment. Each Production Section is headed by a team leader, and all Production staff are trained in Kaizen Lean Manufacturing techniques. Finally, our experienced team of Production Planning and Operations personnel are there to ensure that our products meet all necessary internal and external deadlines through optimum efficiency coupled with the high degree of flexibility required in motorsport.
  • Assembly
    Integral to Hewlands operation is the Assembly Department, looking after the production of all new-gearboxes – off-the-shelf or bespoke. They provide additional quality checks during production, and help to ensure that only the finest products make it through the production process.
  • Inspection
    Working in tandem with most departments at Hewland, inspection ensures that all products, down to the smallest of individual components, meet Hewlands high standards of quality. Our stringent checks are designed to guarantee that all product that reaches the customer is as intended by the design staff.
  • Stores
    At Hewland we recognize that urgencies can arise in motorsport, and our Stores area and accompanying team is optimised to despatch goods to our clients rapidly following point of order – indeed in most cases a same-day shipment is standard. With most components stocked and ready for despatch (or build), Hewland is uniquely positioned in the market to deliver both spares and complete gearboxes in industry-leading time.