The Racing Gearbox Pioneers

When Mike Hewland began his pioneering work in racing gearboxes in 1959, he set a course for Hewland Engineering where nothing it would do would be ordinary. Today, we continue to deliver extraordinary transmission products to our racing, specialist and OEM customers.

We have the capability to design, develop and manufacture high performance transmission products for customers who demand the best. Our race-bred DNA comes from over 60 years of working with the top racing teams and OEM car manufacturers. Our constantly evolving manufacturing and assembly facility means world-class volume manufacturing support is at hand ready to scale to any project.

So, whether you are a racer looking to win Le Mans or a OEM car manufacturer looking to win the electrification race, Hewland has the expertise and know-how to deliver the driveline you need to win.

Performance with Reliability
Performance means nothing without Reliability. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most respected high performance transmissions available - anywhere.
Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
Race series organisers are turning to engineering companies like Hewland to provide control components to reduce costs, improve the closeness of racing and in many cases, improve safety; a winning partnership for the future of motorsport.
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FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
Hewland is the chosen transmission partner for the FIA F2 Championship
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Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
Building a road-legal track day sports car for the 21st century required a gearbox with a performance heritage.
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Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
You could be mistaken for thinking that the ‘E’ in Formula E stands for Evolution instead of Electric given the number of Formula E Transmission changes since the introduction of the series in 2014.
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  • Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
  • FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
  • Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
  • Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
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Born in the Fifties
We grew-up during the golden age of motorsport, so racing is our DNA. We're still racers and we bring that race-bred technology and winning mind-set to our customer collaborations.
About Hewland

Based in White Waltham, Berkshire, Hewland operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility handling all of its production, inspection, assembly, design and commercial operations.

At Hewland we believe that good customer service is every bit as important as a strong product. Our dedicated Advanced Engineering and Design Group is tasked with ensuring that all technical considerations are to the highest standard, and that our customers receive free, tailored advice whenever required.