Gear Design and Analysis

60 years of gear design and analysis has provided Hewland with a vast knowledge of gear form design. Our unique gear profile is one of the features that gives our transmissions the performance and longevity that our customers demand in high performance race conditions – and increasingly in performance road and electric vehicle applications.

At Hewland, we share our experience with customers who require precision gear design and analysis; anything from design consultancy to full-scale design review programmes.

Working in close collaboration with our CAD partner Romax, Hewland can simulate everything from a single gear through to an entire transmission system, optimising each component for performance, longevity and efficiency. Although Hewland can get involved at any stage of the development, it’s probably best if we are involved from early stage of concept design, helping to eliminate issues before they arise, and still adding value to the product during the final stages of verification.

Hewland’s understanding of innovative materials and power transmission design makes us a strong choice for involvement with advanced transmission projects like Formula E and some of the latest Electric Vehicles. We can design products using the latest materials, treatments and packaging design to deliver the most competitive transmission possible for a given product’s life-cycle.

Some of our gear design and manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Gear and bearing analysis
  • Product life-cycle analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis – weight optimisation
  • Gear grinding – involute & convolute forms
  • Internal gear & spline grinding
  • Bevel gear design and analysis
  • Bevel gear grinding
  • Gear tooth micro & macro geometry optimisation
  • Gear tooth load, stress and reaction forces

Hewland has a completely closed-loop development system where we can design, develop, test, modify and manufacture all under one roof. Our ability to make it, test it and get feedback quite quickly from in-house analysis tools accelerates our customers’ ability to get to track or market as quickly as possible.

Gear Design

Designing high-performance gears to micron-tolerances requires the right knowhow and equipment

Precision Gear Grinding Manufacture

Once the design is complete, Hewland can manufacture as many components as required

This video demonstrates Hewland's use of a brand new CFD software and process which uses meshless CFD simulation suite, a novel method that eliminates traditional mesh generation and refinement.

Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution

Race series organisers are turning to engineering companies like Hewland to provide control components to reduce costs, improve the closeness of racing and in many cases, improve safety; a winning partnership for the future of motorsport.

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