Ground Bevel Gears

Hewland Engineering installed a Klingelnberg Oerlikon G60 spiral bevel gear grinding machine in 2015 to increase capabilities, throughput and improve quality. The Klingelnberg’s KIMOS closed loop manufacturing system ensures that Hewland produces durable bevel gears through an accurate and repeatable manufacturing process.

The G60 brings two significant capabilities to Hewland. First, it brings a step change in quality and precision for bevel gear manufacture. The G60 is capable to grind forms up to 600 mm in diameter, including spiral, hypoid and zero bevel forms, with a precision consistent to DIN4 grinding standard or better. This has brought a new era of performance for Hewland clients, offering improvements in efficiency, reduced gearbox temperatures and increased component life.

Secondly, it enables Hewland to be more flexible to make low volume, high precision gears without having to invest in expensive tooling or cutters; thereby reducing the time and cost for building prototype parts for customers. Gear profiles and sizes can be made, tested, and refined much more quickly than other processes.

Matching the G60 is a Klingelnberg P65 gear measuring centre that can measure gear profiles up to 650 mm in diameter, working in tandem with the G60, it offers Hewland customers improved spiral bevel accuracy and consistency.

Hewland’s gear manufacturing is not limited to automotive applications. Spiral bevel gears are renowned for their superior power transmission capability, low noise and are considered the preferred choice especially for high torque applications – for example marine, industrial and heavy engineering applications.

G60 Bevel Grinding

The G60 can machine ground spiral bevel gears up to 650mm in diameter with micro-precision

P65 Gear Checking

The P65 gear measuring centre ensures the end result meets or exceeds specification
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