Heat Treatment

Hewland carries out most of its heat-treatment in a dedicated in-house facility.

Using two Ibsen sealed quench furnaces, regularly calibrated to Aerospace standards, we undertake gas-carburising, normalising and through-hardening processes. When quenched, the improved hardness of the outer component surface ensures the performance of Hewland products exceeds specification. Tempering furnaces process components as required, providing tempering, stress relieving and annealing processes to remove stresses built up during manufacturing.

Not being restrained by 3rd-party heat treatment schedules, we can prioritise to get things through (overnight if necessary) to improve speed of development/manufacture and meet aggressive schedules.

Having a heat treatment facility in-house is also key to our ability to work with innovative new materials. We are able to run different heat treat cycles to understand strength of new materials and then test the results in our metallurgy lab.

Hewland also maintains a range of automated and manual hardness testers. Each batch is checked for hardness, while two micro-hardness testers are utilised for case depth verification.

This traceability, and the automated systems employed, allow Hewland to repeatedly produce components of exceptional quality and reliability; perfect for motorsport.

I need a bespoke transmission solution

Hewland manufactures bespoke transmission solutions for every level of motorsport, OEM automobile manufacturers and other industries that require precision, high-performance transmission technology. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your project.

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