Matsuura Machining

Matsuura 4-axis and 5-axis pallet milling machines


Hewland has an expanding range of Matsuura 4 and 5-axis milling machines to meet the demand for high efficiency, light weight and increased strength transmissions and components. One example is the Matsuura H.Plus-630 remains the industry standard for 4-axis horizontal machining centres. Possessing the largest working envelope and machining capacity for full pallet machines in its class, it’s 350 tools suite can machine an entire LeMans LMP2 gearbox – the rear third of the race car – in one fully automated session. It is a reliable machining platform for materials as diverse as Magnesium to Aluminium to Titanium to Cast Iron.

Le Mans LMP2

One third of the chassis on a LeMans LMP2 car is comprised of the gearbox; providing mounting points for the suspension, engine and bodywork

Wide range of options

Hewland has three other Matsuura grinding machines capable of a wide range of tasks.

I need a bespoke transmission solution

Hewland manufactures bespoke transmission solutions for every level of motorsport, OEM automobile manufacturers and other industries that require precision, high-performance transmission technology. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your project.

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