Testing and Development

Hewland Transmission Testing and Development methods are ideal for any transmission project whether it is motorsport focussed or not. Our agile Transmission Testing and Development approach brings significant benefits to all transmission development projects.

60 years of designing transmissions for the top motorsport categories in the world makes us an obvious choice if you are looking for a race car transmission but it’s also a very good approach if you are designing a high-performance transmission for a road car or special project.

Our accurate and reliable simulation and modelling tools are optimised to improve the transmission test and development process. The fast turn-around, technical support and iterative design feedback that has delivered so much success to our motorsport customers is very effective for any accelerated development transmission project.

Hewland can get involved in various ways and different stages of a project including:

  • Reverse engineering to evaluate and improve on an existing product
  • Creating CAD models to simulate an existing product including efficiency analysis, product lifing, performance and deflections
  • Finite Element Analysis of casings

We use our own in-house gimballed spin-rig to test products under acceleration, deceleration and lateral G simulation. It’s also useful for analysing oil flow, pressure testing and identifying hot-spots. For more exhaustive evaluation, Hewland partners with established dyno providers – including those with differential rigs – for power and stress-related testing.

Hewland has a completely closed-loop development system where we can design, develop, test, modify and manufacture all under one roof. The ability to make it, test it and get feedback quite quickly from in-house analysis tools accelerates our customers’ ability to get to track or market as quickly as possible.

Finite Element Analysis

Identify design issues before prototyping

Efficiency Analysis

CAD tools help us simulate efficiency issues like this deflection analysis

Case Study: Subaru BRZ

The new 2017 Subaru Tokyo R&D BRZ entry to the popular Super GT300 series is the ultimate show case of Subaru’s boxer engine technology combined with Hewland’s GT Racing competition transmission.

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