The CTU-400 e-axle system is the product of a collaboration between McLaren Applied Technologies power electronics, Integral e-Drive’s electric motors and Hewland’s performance transmissions. It features integrated highly efficient inverter technology from McLaren Applied Technologies, two 200kW permanent magnet motors from Integral e-Drive and lightweight reduction gear sets for torque vectoring from Hewland.

Requiring only a single high voltage DC bus connection from the battery, communication connection to the rest of the vehicle and a combined water glycol cooling system, the CTU-400 is not only optimised for efficiency and weight but also for simplicity of installation to the vehicle manufacturer.

This system requires minimal integration effort for hybrid and electric vehicles in automotive and motorsport applications is self-contained and designed to be sited adjacent to a high voltage battery.

Tim Strafford, Automotive Director, McLaren Applied Technologies, said:

“The CTU-400 represents what can be achieved when three leaders in their fields come together to prove what is possible.  Designed for the automotive market, McLaren Applied Technologies is proud to be developing the inverter technology to ensure that the CTU provides a simple, compact and efficient solution, but with class leading performance.”

Simon Mead, Development Manager, Integral Powertrain said:

 “Integral Powertrain have always pushed the boundaries of e-drive technology working with clients around the world to find the best solution to meet their requirements. There is no doubt that the future of automotive industry is in electric powertrains. This collaboration, utilising the expertise of all 3 companies, has produced an impressive technical solution that is cutting edge in terms of technology, can be made competitively in small and high volume and is scalable in design. I think you will struggle to find anything as power dense on the market that is not in a motorsport application.”

Steve Robins, CEO of Hewland said:

“Hewland have over a decade of experience in high performance electric drives. The CTU uses the latest design and materials technology to optimise efficiency and weight. This combined with our high volume manufacturing capability within Hero Hewland makes the technology competitive in low and high volume performance applications”

Product can be viewed at Cenex on either of two stands; McLaren Applied Technologies on stand C3-106 or Integral e-Drive on C3-502

Hewland PEVT EV Transmission
Hewland PEVT-200 EV Transmission shown with two Integral e-Drive motors

Hewland joined forces with Integral e-Drive at the recent 2017 Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne, Germany to exhibit an optimised EV driveline incorporating the Hewland PEVT-200 Transmission with the Integral Powertrain’s High Torque SPM Motor.

The combination of the two products is a good example of how to build a high performance EV drivetrain. The PEVT dual motor torque-vectoring EV transmission is optimised for weight and performance. At just 18kg, the GEVT dual reducer is able to transmit up to 300Nm of torque and up to 20,000rpm per side, which provides a combined powertrain potential output of 500kW in a compact package. Integral e-Drive’s 4th generation automotive SPM motor delivers excellent power density and efficiency, realised through a combination of an advanced electromagnetic design, high conductivity encapsulation and a unique liquid cooling system.

This powertrain demonstrates how the two companies can engineer for customers an extremely lightweight yet high performance electric driveline package.

Hewland Engineering have a history of working with high performance EV projects including FIA Formula E and the Venturi EV land speed record car. Our range of standard EV transmissions are designed to provide a flexible solution to road and track EV designers.