Road and Track Car Transmissions

Shifting without compromise

The manual transmission might be dead according to some (we still provide them via Hewland Classic) but for the purist today, a road and track car performance transmission has to have a degree of human control. If a race-robust sequential-shift transmission that can integrate seamlessly with engine and chassis is what you need for your performance car project, then Hewland is your destination.

Hewland has a choice of 5 and 6-speed automatic semi-pneumatic sequential shift gearboxes available off the shelf to suit a wide range of driveline applications. All are capable of being used for competitive race cars as well as performance road cars. They feature a lightweight, longitudinal design that can be used structurally to mount the rear suspension on. They can be configured with a range of ratios (that can even be changed relatively easily once the transmission is installed) and a choice of lubricant system approaches. Likewise, mechanical and pneumatic shift options are available.

One example is the Hewland JFR6-200 six-speed sequential transmission with pneumatic shifters. The clutch pedal is needed only when pulling away or selecting reverse; once you’re into first and rolling, no clutch is needed, up or down. The pneumatic system uses compressed air to operate an actuator cylinder that “punches” up and down through the gearbox.

The straight-cut gears with the unique Hewland profile ensure crisp shifts that take milliseconds to complete delivering the crispness and responsiveness that comes from a competition-based product.

Case Study: BAC Mono

We elevate the ability to deliver performance of the highest standard by working with each customer to realise the dynamic driving experience they wish to deliver with their car.

Gearbox Range
Hewland supplies a range of bespoke and standard transmission solutions across range of application areas for easy integration into competition and road-going vehicles.
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  • Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
  • FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
  • Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
  • Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
Off-the-shelf or a bespoke gearbox solution?

Since the 1980s, Hewland has manufactured bespoke transmission solutions for every level of motorsport, and has branched out into new industries including high specification electric transmissions, such as those found in the worlds fastest electric vehicle.