Special Transmission Projects

Special Transmission Projects
With decades of experience in bespoke solutions, it’s not surprising that Hewland gets many requests to work on special transmission projects.  From world record holding electric land speed racers, to Antarctic exploration vehicles, Hewland has the tools and capabilities to meet the most demanding of customer requirements.

Hewland’s bespoke design and manufacture operation has a wide breadth of knowledge, and experience of advanced, challenging motorsport applications. We are exceptionally well placed to find solutions to each individual client application. Further, by applying our transmission expertise to other disciplines, we are able to offer improved performance, reliability or design for a wide range of precision manufacturing markets, including the Aerospace, Defence and Marine sectors.



Case Study: Venturi LSR

The Venturi VBB-3 Electric Land Speed Record (LSR) car is the fastest, most powerful electric car today. Also known as The Buckeye Bullet, it is one of a series of student-built, alternative-fuel race cars created by Ohio State University students led by Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni at the Center for Automotive Research.

Gearbox Range
Hewland supplies a range of bespoke and standard transmission solutions across range of application areas for easy integration into competition and road-going vehicles.
Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
Race series organisers are turning to engineering companies like Hewland to provide control components to reduce costs, improve the closeness of racing and in many cases, improve safety; a winning partnership for the future of motorsport.
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FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
Hewland is the chosen transmission partner for the FIA F2 Championship
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Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
Building a road-legal track day sports car for the 21st century required a gearbox with a performance heritage.
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Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
You could be mistaken for thinking that the ‘E’ in Formula E stands for Evolution instead of Electric given the number of Formula E Transmission changes since the introduction of the series in 2014.
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  • Case Study: Controlled Components for Motorsport
  • FIA Formula 2 2018 - Hewland transmissions
  • Case Study: Elemental Race-Bred Gearbox
  • Case Study: Formula E Transmission Evolution
Off-the-shelf or a bespoke gearbox solution?

Since the 1980s, Hewland has manufactured bespoke transmission solutions for every level of motorsport, and has branched out into new industries including high specification electric transmissions, such as those found in the worlds fastest electric vehicle.