Hewland History

Hewland history walks proudly alongside the heritage of motorsport. Founded in 1957, Hewland is the company that first provided a range of available motorsport transaxle gearboxes. We’ve supplied the worlds racing car constructors ever since.

Initially gaining fame in the 60’s and 70’s, the company had massive success in all levels of motorsport, including Formula 1, where it was by far the most dominant transmission supplier.

Moving through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s Hewland continued to focus on quality and performance. Our range of off-the-shelf transmissions found homes in winning vehicles worldwide and achieving victories in Rallysport, GT, Touring and Sports Car racing as well as the core business of Single Seaters.

At the same time the fast pace of development in top-level motorsport dictated the need for cost sensitive bespoke solutions, a Hewland speciality. Our Advanced Engineering and Design Group excels with such challenges, drawing on the expertise of our experienced designers and engineers to not only meet such requirements, but exceed them.

The most important element of our business today is our client satisfaction, and to ensure this all of our transmissions continue to be developed with design, quality and performance at the forefront.

For years Hewland maintained our legacy side-by-side our normal operations. But in 2014, Hewland licensed the long-term support of all H-Gate transmission designs produced prior to 1990, including the celebrated FT, DG, MK5 / MK8, LD, and VG variants to Hewland Classic – part of PDS Racing owned by Peter Smith. The new partnership provides support for the ever-growing demand for Hewland products within the historic racing market.

Our history and heritage is not just the stuff of folklore – we support all those loyal customers to this very day.

Off-the-shelf or a bespoke gearbox solution?

Since the 1980s, Hewland has manufactured bespoke transmission solutions for every level of motorsport, and has branched out into new industries including high specification electric transmissions, such as those found in the worlds fastest electric vehicle.