The Hewland reputation for excellence in precision engineering has generated demand across multiple sectors outside of motorsport, including within aerospace and marine applications.
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Aerospace and Marine Applications

With almost six decades of experience in catering to the extreme timing, quality and support demands of top-level racing, we pride ourselves on a fundamental philosophy that anything other than perfection is simply unacceptable.

It is this ethos, imbued via our highly skilled design and engineering specialists that places Hewland in an ideal position to produce components for partners within the marine and aerospace industries.

In catering to the needs of our Formula 1 clients particularly, Hewland produces components to extremely fine tolerances and of exceptional quality. With a huge range of equipment, including one of the UK’s only KAPP gear-grinding machines, you can rest assured that we can meet the requirements of almost any project.

Various in-house treatment and finishing options, including our heat-treatment facility, ensure that quality is consistently controlled throughout the manufacturing process.

Our Commercial Team are able to care for all precision manufacture enquiries. Please get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements and find how we can help with your application.


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