Modern technology is driving electric vehicle concepts forward at an astonishing rate with an unprecedented range of automotive and motorsport vehicles now equipped with viable and useable electric motor technology. Hewland has been the market leader in electric vehicle driveline technology for many years.
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Electric Vehicle Applications

In July 2007, a bespoke Hewland transmission system equipped the very first hybrid motorsport vehicle to win a race – the Toyota Supra HV-R. Competing in the Tokachi 24-hour race, the car completed 616 laps, finishing 19 laps ahead of second place.

In September 2014, the world’s first all-electric race series, Formula E, proved to the world the potential of electric technology; once again a Hewland transmission was at the heart of the project.

The current electric world land speed record holder, the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2.5, also uses a bespoke Hewland transmission. Produced by Ohio State University, this vehicle holds the current record at a little over 300 mph. Hewland have also equipped their next generation vehicle, the BB3. Redeveloped from the ground up, and with a brand new transmission, this vehicle intends to breach the 400 mph mark!

Hewland has also provided transmissions for a variety of OEM electric sports cars and prototypes. Recently, our EV work has expanded to include tracked, all-terrain exploration vehicles, working with high-profile clients to ensure that the challenges of working in the world’s most extreme conditions were overcome to provide strong, durable and reliable transmissions.

With involvement in various other high-profile, automotive applications, Hewland is vastly experienced within the world of electric transmission supply. If you have a project in mind, the chances are we can make it a reality, so please get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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