A new generation transmission, the F3B uses advanced, modern technology to bring maximum performance to your vehicle. Designed for use with Dallara’s latest Formula 3 cars, the F3B transmission provides high performance while meeting the latest and most stringent F3 regulations.


The design incorporates a dedicated engine oil tank, giving an overall vehicle weight saving and allowing for maximum engineering freedom elsewhere on the vehicle.

Further reliability and enhanced performance can be achieved using Hewland’s fully integrated Semi-Auto ‘Paddle Shift’ system. Proven in series’ across the world, this option allows for significant weight and space saving on the vehicle, whilst improving performance and component life.

With internals taken from the prolific FTR family, Hewland reliability is guaranteed. Combined with various differential options, including the advanced Powerflow™ unit, the F3B has the performance to provide our clients with a winning advantage over the competition.

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    1. Designed in conjunction with Dallara for use with the latest Formula 3 race cars
    2. Fully integrated Hewland Semi-Auto compatibility
    3. Integrated engine oil tank for weight and space saving
    4. Variety of differentials and ratios from the tried and tested FTR range
    5. Low overall weight
    6. Race tested FTR internals provide reliable performance

    Normal Application: Single-Seater Race Vehicles (Formula 3)
    Case Material: Aluminium (Incorporating engine oil tank)
    Shift Pattern: 6-speed with reverse (R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6)
    • Manual Sequential
    • Semi-Auto Sequential with 'SE' Selection Mechanism
    Mounting Layout: Rear Transaxle
    Max. Engine Torque: Up to 325 Nm / 240 lb.ft (dependent on FD)
    Cluster Layout: Longitudinal straight-cut cluster behind spiral bevel final drive
    Weight: Max 41 Kg (6 speed)
    Lubrication: Splash type
    • FTR Powerflow™ plate-type limited slip (tripod joint)
    • Adjustable Powerflow™ plate-type limited slip option
    Semi-Auto Compatibility: Integrated Hewland Semi-Auto 'Paddle-Shift' option
    Clients Include:
    • Dallara Formula 3
    • Artline Formula 3


    Part Number Description Ratio
    FTRL-221-12:34 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.833


    Part Number Description Ratio
    Layshaft Options (Integral 1st gear)
    F3B-12:38-INT * LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 3.167
    F3B-12:35-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.917
    F3B-12:33-INT * LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.750
    F3B-12:31-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.583
    F3B-12:30-INT * LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.500
    F3B-12:29-INT * LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.417
    Hubbed Gear Options (2nd gear)
    FTR-14:35-HUB RATIO 2.500
    FTR-14:34-HUB RATIO 2.429
    FTR-14:33-HUB RATIO 2.357
    FTR-13:30-HUB RATIO 2.308
    FTR-15:34-HUB RATIO 2.267
    FTR-15:33-HUB RATIO 2.200
    FTR-15:32-HUB RATIO 2.133
    FTR-15:31-HUB RATIO 2.067
    FTR-15:30-HUB RATIO 2.000
    FTR-15:29-HUB RATIO 1.933
    FTR-16:30-HUB RATIO 1.875
    FTR-17:31-HUB RATIO 1.824
    FTR-15:27-HUB RATIO 1.800
    FTR-17:30-HUB RATIO 1.765
    FTR-15:26-HUB RATIO 1.733
    FTR-17:29-HUB RATIO 1.706
    FTR-16:27-HUB RATIO 1.688
    FTR-15:25-HUB RATIO 1.667
    FTR-16:26-HUB RATIO 1.625
    Standard Gear Options (3rd - 6th)
    FTR-15:30-STD RATIO 2.000
    FTR-15:29-STD RATIO 1.933
    FTR-16:30-STD RATIO 1.875
    FTR-17:31-STD RATIO 1.824
    FTR-15:27-STD RATIO 1.800
    FTR-17:30-STD RATIO 1.765
    FTR-15:26-STD RATIO 1.733
    FTR-17:29-STD RATIO 1.706
    FTR-16:27-STD RATIO 1.688
    FTR-15:25-STD RATIO 1.667
    FTR-16:26-STD RATIO 1.625
    FTR-17:27-STD RATIO 1.588
    FTR-16:25-STD RATIO 1.563
    FTR-17:26-STD RATIO 1.529
    FTR-16:24-STD RATIO 1.500
    FTR-17:25-STD RATIO 1.471
    FTR-18:26-STD RATIO 1.444
    FTR-16:23-STD RATIO 1.438
    FTR-19:27-STD RATIO 1.421
    FTR-18:25-STD RATIO 1.389
    FTR-19:26-STD RATIO 1.368
    FTR-17:23-STD RATIO 1.353
    FTR-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333
    FTR-19:25-STD RATIO 1.316
    FTR-20:26-STD RATIO 1.300
    FTR-18:23-STD RATIO 1.278
    FTR-19:24-STD RATIO 1.263
    FTR-20:25-STD RATIO 1.250
    FTR-21:26-STD RATIO 1.238
    FTR-18:22-STD RATIO 1.222
    FTR-19:23-STD RATIO 1.211
    FTR-21:25-STD RATIO 1.190
    FTR-23:27-STD RATIO 1.174
    FTR-19:22-STD RATIO 1.158
    FTR-21:24-STD RATIO 1.143
    FTR-24:27-STD RATIO 1.125
    FTR-19:21-STD RATIO 1.105
    FTR-24:26-STD RATIO 1.083
    FTR-18:19-STD RATIO 1.056
    FTR-25:26-STD RATIO 1.040
    FTR-24:24-STD RATIO 1.000
    FTR-25:24-STD RATIO 0.960
    FTR-26:24-STD RATIO 0.923
    FTR-27:24-STD RATIO 0.889
    *Subject to availability, please enquire.

    Pinion setting Jig - SK-1709
    Reaction Bar - SK-1427
    Socket - SK-1175-C
    Dummy Outer Race - SK-1715
    Diff Pre-Load Tool - SK-1710-B
    Diff Holding post - SK-1710-A
    Pinion Spanner - SK-247
    Bearing Puller - SK-1714
    Comb Tool - SK-1716
    Tripod Removal Tool - SK-2486
    Slide hammer Kit - SK-2025-A


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