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Gear Cutting Services

Gear cutting has been at the heart of our business since 1957, and Hewland has earned an exceptional reputation for quality, reliability and performance in this field. All ratios and final drives are offered in high-grade heat-treated nickel chrome steel, having undergone strict manufacturing processes to ensure utmost strength and precision.

Customers may specify their preferred ratios and final drives from our full range when purchasing a gearbox, at no extra charge. Alternatively, each option is available to purchase separately directly from Hewland, or from one of our Authorised Agents. Hewland also offers a super-polishing service [click here to find out more] for ultimate efficiency and a significant reduction overall unit running temperatures.

We are also able to design and cut bespoke ratios to customer requirements, with super finishing and precision grinding options available upon request..

Every crownwheel and pinion set is ‘lapped’ to ensure optimum efficiency and correct running. Similarly, each ratio option is sold as a ‘paired’ set, with the pinion and input gears specially matched at our facility to ensure compatibility during running. As such, we would highly recommend that only Hewland-matched gear and final drive sets are run in our transmission units, as failure to do so may result in damage.