The IGTC is a top-end, in-tunnel transmission solution ideal for high-torque GT vehicles, drift cars and showcase specials. Utilising the highest quality components together with a specifically designed drop-gear transfer system, the IGTC-200 boasts a torque capacity of up to 670Nm (500 lb. ft / 76kg. m). Combined with an ultra-lightweight magnesium casing and semi-dry sump lubrication system, this figure is achieved with almost no sacrifice to gearbox weight (32.5kgs).
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The attributes of the IGTC-200 have contributed to a number of high-profile successes in GT racing over the years, achieving class and series wins with the likes of the Nismo S15, the Panoz Esperante GTR and the TVR Tuscan 400R. More recently, the IGTC has contributed to series wins in the FIA GT3 Championship and ADAC GT Masters as the gearbox of choice for Callaway Corvette GT3, and has found new popularity coupled to the formidable Ginetta G55 GT3 racer.

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    1. Lightweight, in-line 6 speed sequential transmission
    2. Drop-gear system allows for large (670Nm) torque capacity – ideal for heavy duty GT vehicles
    3. Comprehensive, pressurised oil distribution system
    4. Past and present race winning credentials – proven reliability and performance

    Normal Application: Heavy Duty GT Vehicles, International Drifting, Showcase Specials
    Case Material: Magnesium
    Shift Pattern: 6-speed with reverse
    Selection: Manual Sequential
    Mounting Layout: In Tunnel
    Max. Engine Torque: 670 Nm / 500 lb.ft / 76kg.m
    Cluster Layout Longitudinal straight-cut cluster with Input Drop Gear
    Weight: 32.5kg (6-speed Magnesium)
    Lubrication: Semi-dry sump with comprehensive distribution system
    Differential: N/A
    Semi-Auto Compatibility: N/A
    Clients Include:
    • Ginetta G55 GT3
    • Callaway Corvette Z06R GT3
    • Panoz Esperante GTR
    • Subaru BRZ GT300
    • Tuscan TVR 400R
    • Nissan S15


    Part Number Description Ratio
    IGTC-26:29-TR * TRANSFER GEAR 1.115
    IGTC-27:28-TR TRANSFER GEAR 1.037
    IGTC-28:27-TR TRANSFER GEAR 0.964


    Layshaft Options (Integral 1st gear)
    IGTC-12:37-INT LAYSHAFT & INT 1ST 3.083
    IGTC-13:37-INT LAYSHAFT & INT 1ST 2.846
    IGTC-13:36-INT LAYSHAFT & INT 1ST 2.769
    IGTC-13:34-INT LAYSHAFT & INT 1ST 2.615
    IGTC-14:35-INT * LAYSHAFT & INT 1ST 2.500
    Hubbed Gear Options (2nd Gear)
    TGT-14:32-HUB RATIO 2.286
    TGT-15:34-HUB * RATIO 2.267
    TGT-15:33-HUB RATIO 2.200
    TGT-15:32-HUB * RATIO 2.133
    TGT-15:31-HUB RATIO 2.067
    TGT-15:30-HUB RATIO 2.000
    TGT-15:29-HUB * RATIO 1.933
    Standard Gears (3rd to 6th Gear)
    DGN-15:34-STD RATIO 2.267
    DGN-15:33-STD RATIO 2.200
    DGN-15:32-STD RATIO 2.133
    DGN-15:31-STD RATIO 2.067
    DGN-15:30-STD RATIO 2.000
    DGN-15:29-STD RATIO 1.933
    DGN-16:30-STD RATIO 1.875
    DGN-16:29-STD RATIO 1.813
    DGN-17:30-STD RATIO 1.765
    DGN-16:28-STD RATIO 1.750
    DGN-18:31-STD RATIO 1.722
    DGN-17:29-STD RATIO 1.706
    DGN-16:27-STD RATIO 1.688
    DGN-18:30-STD RATIO 1.667
    DGN-17:28-STD RATIO 1.647
    DGN-16:26-STD RATIO 1.625
    DGN-18:29-STD RATIO 1.611
    DGN-17:27-STD * RATIO 1.588
    DGN-18:28-STD RATIO 1.556
    DGN-17:26-STD RATIO 1.529
    DGN-18:27-STD RATIO 1.500
    DGN-17:25-STD RATIO 1.471
    DGN-18:26-STD RATIO 1.444
    DGN-19:27-STD RATIO 1.421
    DGN-20:28-STD RATIO 1.400
    DGN-18:25-STD RATIO 1.389
    DGN-19:26-STD RATIO 1.368
    DGN-20:27-STD * RATIO 1.350
    DGN-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333
    DGN-19:25-STD * RATIO 1.316
    DGN-20:26-STD * RATIO 1.300
    DGN-18:23-STD RATIO 1.278
    DGN-19:24-STD RATIO 1.263
    DGN-20:25-STD RATIO 1.250
    DGN-21:26-STD RATIO 1.238
    DGN-22:27-STD * RATIO 1.227
    DGN-19:23-STD RATIO 1.211
    DGN-20:24-STD RATIO 1.200
    DGN-21:25-STD RATIO 1.190
    DGN-22:26-STD RATIO 1.182
    DGN-23:27-STD * RATIO 1.174
    DGN-19:22-STD RATIO 1.158
    DGN-20:23-STD RATIO 1.150
    DGN-21:24-STD RATIO 1.143
    DGN-23:26-STD RATIO 1.130
    DGN-26:29-STD * RATIO 1.115
    DGN-28:31-STD RATIO 1.107
    DGN-22:24-STD RATIO 1.091
    DGN-24:26-STD RATIO 1.083
    DGN-27:29-STD RATIO 1.074
    DGN-20:21-STD * RATIO 1.050
    DGN-23:24-STD RATIO 1.043
    DGN-27:28-STD RATIO 1.037
    DGN-24:24-STD RATIO 1.000
    DGN-25:24-STD RATIO 0.960
    DGN-26:24-STD RATIO 0.923
    DGN-27:24-STD * RATIO 0.889
    DGN-28:24-STD RATIO 0.857
    * Subject to availability, please enquire.

    Mainshaft Socket - SK-1105-B
    Mainshaft Spanner - SK-1105-C
    Layshaft Socket - SK-1175-C
    Layshaft Spanner - SK-1427
    (Or for extra clearance) - SK-1175
    Sequential Fork Setting Jig - SK-1602


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