The JL is a modern, technologically advanced 5 speed sequential box, suitable as a replacement to the incredibly popular LD-200. Retro-fitted with minimal chassis or suspension modifications, the JL offers an effective upgrade with minimal setup alterations, boosting performance to meet modern competition.


In utilising the ratios from the well proven FTR range, the JL delivers excellent reliability at a low cost and weight, together with a wide range of off-the-shelf gearing options. To ensure maximum track-time, gear ratios can be changed trackside without the need to remove the transmission from the vehicle.

Centrally mounted 4th and 5th ratios reduce shaft bending, improving component life, whilst a range of differential options are available including the advanced Powerflow™ limited-slip unit. When combined with the optional Hewland Semi-Auto System, the JL provides maximum performance within an affordable budget.

Utilised by the entire USF2000 grid, the JL has proven itself as the ideal transmission for any lightweight single-seater looking for a modern, 5 speed sequential unit.

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    1. Replacement for the popular LD-200 with minimal chassis work
    2. Proven performance and reliability from the FTR ratio range
    3. Trackside time-saving with ability to change ratios without transmission removal
    4. Centrally mounted 4th/5th gear for greater component life and reliability
    5. External Semi-Auto compatibility for maximum performance
    6. Repositioned selector mechanism to accommodate ease of LD-200 replacement

    Normal Application: Entry to Medium Performance Single-Seaters
    Case Material: Aluminium
    Shift Pattern: 5 Speed Sequential with reverse
    • Manual Sequential
    • Externally operated semi-auto sequential option
    Mounting Layout: Rear Transaxle
    Max. Engine Torque: 325 Nm / 240 lbs.ft (Dependent on chosen ratio)
    Cluster Layout: Longitudinal cluster mounted behind the differential. Centrally located 4th/5th gears to minimise shaft bending
    Weight: 34.4 Kg
    Lubrication: Splash-type
    • Powerflow™ plate-type limited-slip
    • Multiple free differential options
    Semi-Auto Compatibility: Externally mounted option
    Clients Include:
    • US F2000 Series
    • Sprint & Hill Climb Vehicles


    Part Number Description Ratio
    LJS-221-9:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 3.444
    LJS-221-12:34 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.833


    Part Number Description Ratio
    Layshaft Options (Integral 1st gear)
    LJS-12:38-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 3.167
    LJS-12:35-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.917
    LJS-12:33-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.750
    LJS-12:31-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.583
    LJS-12:29-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.417
    LJS-15:31-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 2.067
    LJS-15:29-INT LAYSHAFT (1ST GEAR) 1.933
    Hubbed Gear Options (2nd Gear)
    JFR-15:40-HUB * RATIO 2.667
    JFR-14:35-HUB * RATIO 2.500
    JFR-14:33-HUB RATIO 2.357
    JFR-13:30-HUB RATIO 2.308
    JFR-15:34-HUB RATIO 2.267
    JFR-15:33-HUB RATIO 2.200
    JFR-15:32-HUB RATIO 2.133
    JFR-15:31-HUB RATIO 2.067
    JFR-15:30-HUB RATIO 2.000
    JFR-15:29-HUB RATIO 1.933
    JFR-16:30-HUB RATIO 1.875
    JFR-17:30-HUB RATIO 1.765
    JFR-17:29-HUB RATIO 1.706
    JFR-17:27-HUB RATIO 1.588
    Standard Gear Options (3rd - 5th)
    FTR-15:30-STD RATIO 2.000
    FTR-15:29-STD RATIO 1.933
    FTR-16:30-STD RATIO 1.875
    FTR-17:31-STD RATIO 1.824
    FTR-15:27-STD RATIO 1.800
    FTR-17:30-STD RATIO 1.765
    FTR-15:26-STD RATIO 1.733
    FTR-17:29-STD RATIO 1.706
    FTR-16:27-STD RATIO 1.688
    FTR-15:25-STD RATIO 1.667
    FTR-16:26-STD RATIO 1.625
    FTR-17:27-STD RATIO 1.588
    FTR-16:25-STD RATIO 1.563
    FTR-17:26-STD RATIO 1.529
    FTR-16:24-STD RATIO 1.500
    FTR-17:25-STD RATIO 1.471
    FTR-18:26-STD RATIO 1.444
    FTR-16:23-STD RATIO 1.438
    FTR-19:27-STD RATIO 1.421
    FTR-18:25-STD RATIO 1.389
    FTR-19:26-STD RATIO 1.368
    FTR-17:23-STD RATIO 1.353
    FTR-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333
    FTR-19:25-STD RATIO 1.316
    FTR-20:26-STD RATIO 1.300
    FTR-18:23-STD RATIO 1.278
    FTR-19:24-STD RATIO 1.263
    FTR-20:25-STD RATIO 1.250
    FTR-21:26-STD RATIO 1.238
    FTR-18:22-STD RATIO 1.222
    FTR-19:23-STD RATIO 1.211
    FTR-21:25-STD RATIO 1.190
    FTR-23:27-STD RATIO 1.174
    FTR-19:22-STD RATIO 1.158
    FTR-21:24-STD RATIO 1.143
    FTR-24:27-STD RATIO 1.125
    FTR-19:21-STD RATIO 1.105
    FTR-24:26-STD RATIO 1.083
    FTR-18:19-STD RATIO 1.056
    FTR-25:26-STD RATIO 1.040
    FTR-24:24-STD RATIO 1.000
    FTR-25:24-STD RATIO 0.960
    FTR-26:24-STD RATIO 0.923
    FTR-27:24-STD RATIO 0.889
    * Subject to availability, please enquire.

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    Pinion Setting Tool - SK-2591
    Slide Hammer Kit - SK-2025-A
    Tripod Removal Kit - SK-2025
    Socket - SK-1175-C
    Socket - SK-2217
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