The MLG-200 represents a marked step forward in affordable, in-line transmission technology. Utilising the same advanced cluster and selection technology found throughout the current Hewland range, this in-tunnel solution boasts full Hewland Semi-Auto system compatibility, an extensive pressurised oil distribution system, and an integrated cable operated blocker mechanism designed specifically to prevent accidental downshifts to neutral and reverse.


MLG-200 transmissions are available with five or six-speed options, and come with a front mounting face to suit the Ford Type 9 bellhousing as standard.

The design incorporates an input drop gear, allowing the drive output height to be maintained at a level in-line with the clutch shaft. This provides for an exceptionally lightweight and compact gearbox to suit a wide range of front-engined, rear wheel drive race and rally applications.

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    1. Modern, light weight tunnel mount gearbox
    2. Drop gear arrangement allows for drive output height to be maintained level with the clutch shaft
    3. Modern selection technology from the Hewland range ensures reliable performance
    4. Integrated cable operated blocker mechanism to prevent accidental downshift to neutral and reverse
    5. Optional external Semi-Auto system provides consistent shift times and significantly increased component life

    Normal Application: Lightweight GT, Saloon & Historic vehicles
    Case Material: Aluminium
    Shift Pattern: 5 or 6-speed with reverse
    Selection: Manual Sequential / Semi-Auto Sequential with ‘SE’ Selection Mechanism with optional Gear Lever Assembly
    Mounting Layout: In Tunnel
    Max. Engine Torque: 430 Nm / 320 lb.ft / 44kg.m
    Cluster Layout: Longitudinal straight-cut cluster with Input Drop Gear
    Weight: 30kg (6-speed Aluminium)
    Lubrication: Pressurised distribution system, with 250 micron internal filter, external cooler connections and magnetic drain plugs
    Differential: N/A
    Semi-Auto Compatibility: External Bolt-on unit available (Hewland Semi-Auto System)
    Clients Include:
    • Ginetta G50, G55, GT4, GT3
    • Jota MX5 GT4
    • Ford Escort MK2 Various


    Part Number Description Ratio (1st)
    MLG-24:27-TR DROP GEAR 1.125
    MLG-27:28-TR * DROP GEAR 1.037
    MLG-24:24-TR DROP GEAR 1.000
    MLG-28:27-TR * DROP GEAR 0.964
    MLG-27:24-TR DROP GEAR 0.889


    Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
    Layshaft Option (Integral 1st and 2nd)
    MLG-12:38-15:34 LAYSHAFT OPT (1ST & 2ND) 3.167 2.267
    MLG-13:38-15:32 LAYSHAFT OPT (1ST & 2ND) 2.923 2.133
    MLG-14:35-15:30 * LAYSHAFT OPT (1ST & 2ND) 2.500 2.000
    MLG-14:35-16:30 LAYSHAFT OPT (1ST & 2ND) 2.500 1.875
    Hubbed Gear Options (3rd gear)
    MLG-16:28-HUB RATIO 1.75 -
    MLG-17:28-HUB RATIO 1.647 -
    MLG-17:26-HUB RATIO 1.529 -
    Standard Gear Options (3rd to 6th)
    MLI-16:29-STD RATIO 1.813 -
    MLI-18:26-STD RATIO 1.444 -
    MLI-20:28-STD RATIO 1.400 -
    MLI-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333 -
    MLI-18:23-STD RATIO 1.278 -
    MLI-19:24-STD RATIO 1.263 -
    MLI-20:25-STD RATIO 1.250 -
    MLI-21:26-STD RATIO 1.238 -
    MLI-19:23-STD RATIO 1.211 -
    MLI-20:24-STD RATIO 1.200 -
    MLI-22:26-STD RATIO 1.182 -
    MLI-19:22-STD RATIO 1.158 -
    MLI-21:24-STD RATIO 1.143 -
    MLI-19:21-STD RATIO 1.105 -
    MLI-20:22-STD RATIO 1.100 -
    MLI-22:24-STD RATIO 1.091 -
    MLI-27:28-STD RATIO 1.037 -
    MLI-24:24-STD RATIO 1.000 -
    MLI-25:24-STD RATIO 0.960 -
    MLI-26:24-STD RATIO 0.923 -
    MLI-27:24-STD RATIO 0.889 -
    MLI-28:24-STD RATIO 0.857 -
    MLI-24:20-STD RATIO 0.833 -
    * Subject to availability, please enquire.

    Fork Setting Fixture - SK-2444


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